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SANT JUST MAKES THE DIFFERENCE Renting your property, be it a residential or holiday property, involves a major commitment. Your real estate agent will guide you through the process and help you to maximise the return on your property by finding a reliable tenant. Some factors to consider before putting your property on the rental market are: Do you intend to rent your home for the holiday period, for the whole year or only for the period you do not use it? Will you let your property furnished or unfurnished? Will you allow pets? These and many other issues affect the valuation of your property. The same will apply to the condition of the house, the better the condition the higher the profitability. With our knowledge of the local market, including comparable rental properties in the area, potential demand and current rental prices, we can calculate the optimal price for your house. Serv. Inm. Sant Just will help to expedite the rental process. You should realise that renting your home can turn into a nightmare if you are unaware of the process. If you entrust your property to us you will be able to benefit from our vast experience in this tough market.

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