Responsibility is the wisdom that comes from experience and allows us to honour our obligations.

-Pilar Oliver


Sant Just is a Real Estate company offering a comprehensive service to sellers, buyers, tenants, owners and real estate developers. Each one of our agents has outstanding experience in the numerous areas of our business.


Sant Just is the most-trusted and most reputable real estate agency by virtue of its ability to manage operations efficiently and at the best prices for the owner. Whether working with local, national and international clients, Sant Just turns what is often a laborious process, fraught with difficulties, into a simple or smoother experience for everyone involved. We offer maximum security and the guarantee of a job well done.


Sant Just Real Estate Agency are experts in the real estate market, one that is constantly changing. We understand your needs, and accordingly present the properties that fit your needs best.


We are fully aware of the difficulties encountered by non-residents when engaging in real estate transactions. Servicios Inmobiliarios Sant Just offers a comprehensive service. We deal with all the legal aspects of the transaction without the need to hire any other professional.


If you have purchased your property as part of your investment strategy or are simply looking to occupy your apartment for a certain period of time, Sant Just will analyse your needs and point you towards the type of rental that suits your needs best so as to get the most out of your property. We take care of all the formalities and all the legal aspects of rental.


If you wish to rent a property, we have a department that specialises in residential and vacation rental. We assess your needs and offer you a wide portfolio of properties in the area's best residential estates.


Sant Just works closely with the area's most important property developers. Sant Just offers a wide range of top-quality services, including a pre-development market analysis, offering advice on the type, finishing and selling prices, marketing in the domestic and international markets, public relations and the management and execution of sales.

Pilar Oliver

CEO Sant Just

“Our business is based on trust and that trust is achieved with satisfaction”

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