Our properties are our most valuable and appreciated assets. This is why it is essential that you enjoy the advice of a trusted professional who has a comprehensive knowledge of the property market and is able to determine the real market value of your property. Our comprehensive service guarantees a quick sale at the best market price. The best real estate agents give their selling customers priority. They inform the seller of the real market situation and know how to market properties so as to attract the highest number of quality buyers with a real interest in your property. A professional real estate agent has an excellent relationship with the responsible estate agents in their area and works successfully with them. He is also well connected with lawyers, notaries public and banks. He knows how to manage the sale from start to finish.


Sant Just's real estate agents offer each seller a programme designed specifically for their needs. This is just one of the advantages we offer as a consolidated company that is regarded as the number-one by many professionals in the sector. With an unparalleled level in personalised attention, our customers enjoy all the advantages of a small company, but one with the expertise needed to meet the needs of each seller and with the infrastructure and financial resources of a large concern. Sant Just can close a property sale quickly and at the best possible price. We are skilled negotiators who know how to interpret complex financial statements, assess buyer needs and pre-empt any key factors that can make or break an operation. Our home staging team will get the most out of your home through visual optimisation. All Sant Just properties are presented optimally in our marketing material, with exquisite photographs that put each one of our listings in a class of their own. When you are ready to sell, we encourage you to look at other agencies and how they market their properties. We are confident that you will realise that Sant Just Servicios Inmobiliarias is a cut above the rest.

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“Our business is based on trust and that trust is achieved with satisfaction”

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